TQ White II

pronounced tee queue

Mound, MN 55364

7 0 8 / 7 6 3 - 0 1 0 0



TQ White II is a programmer specializing in browser-based applications. With comprehensive experience in Javascript application development. He is especially enthusiastic about structured Javascript and NodeJS. With a deep knowledge of the Javascript object-model, jQuery and single-page app development (both server-side and browser), he is able to act as a comprehensive resource for development of rich internet applications. In addition, his experience includes more than a decade of PHP/mySQL application development, long experience in system analysis and design and a soupćon of .NET development.


Javascript: Master level. Extensive Single-Page App experience. Substantial Node JS.

PHP: Master level. Large applications. Small applications. Making  a living with it since January 2000.

mySQL: Wrote fifty queries, the core of a database mining application.

MSSQL: Substantial experience.

C# /IIS/.NET: Moderate expertise. Mainly maintenance programming.

Relavent tools:

      Node JS, NPM, JavascriptMVC, Zend, jQuery, API development.

      Apache, Bash, Linux, web server admin.

      Smarty templates, Memcache, phpUnit, mbUnit, Git and SVN.

      Visual Studio, Eclipse, Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign.

Object-oriented design, thorough testing and test documentation. Track bug fix and retest.

Support external design team to implement functionality to spec.

Plan and implement websites, e-stores, and marketing vehicles that are comprehensive and attractive to users and that achieve market growth and management goals.

Organize and execute technical projects, develop business plans, create sales/communications organizations, complete ‘from the ground up’ entrepreneurial developments.

Organize electronic communication strategies to disseminate information to employees, internal and external customers

Strong writing and verbal communications skills.



University of California - Berkeley, 1978

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Highlighted PHP/mySQL Projects

Design and development of a district-wide gradebook application for grammar schools

Direct marketing survey application integrated into a complex marketing database.

Convention Registration/Management System with classes, seminars, products, etc

Online store/Checkout with credit card processing and many promotional pricing features

Software sales/provisioning system with client management features and Windows ASP integration

DSL back office production control system interacting with multiple external entities

Work History

Central Minnesota Education Research & Development Council, 1/2010 - present

Javascript/AJAX Front End Programmer, System Architect

Developed integration system using Node JS to exchange data among internal applications.

Responsible for architecture, development and API design. Extensive event-oriented programming, Linux integration, and NPM use.

Lead programmer developing a new web-based data entry platform for school districts. Implemented prototype in Javascript and .NET using JavascriptMVC and nHibernate. Specialty in application style user interface development in Javascript. Extensive use of jQuery, JSON, openAJAX, etc in an Agile environment.

Responsible for substantial client interaction resulting in complete requirements documentation, application wireframe design and database architecture.

Visible Customer, 2009

PHP/mySQL/AJAX contract programmer

Team programmer for database mining application for direct marketing. Wrote the core query software including over fifty complex marketing queries. Design and implemented an AJAX application that created and administered online surveys. Included interesting integration of helper classes and the database supporting arbitrarily complex question types.

Substantial team program maintenance. Analyzed and worked on other people’s code. Advised on schedule and team management.

Best Buy, 2008 – 2009

PHP/mySQL/Javascript developer, Technical Integration Coordinator

Team programmer for e-commerce/content management project in England. Team programmer for e-commerce/content management project in United States.

Found internal resources, developed relationships and organized the strategy for implementing access to numerous complex web services.

SCW Fitness Education 2005-2007

Development and delivery of training for fitness professionals.

PHP/mySQL developer, website content and technology manager.

Wrote e-commerce including Authorize.net gateway, multiple special promotional pricing schemes, scripting extension to allow multiple database updates and email notifications to customers and staff. Added ability to sell/manage gift certificates and coupons.

Wrote content management system included ability to create/duplicate entire web sub-trees, support multiple primary web trees and template system. Created integration with other commerce systems for marketing purposes. Supported in-place editing of pages.

Wrote training convention management and sales application. Allowed specification of convention schedules, classes and products as well as complicated special pricing alternatives. Wrote additional (expert) management interface that allowed class data tables to be edited in Excel and saved back to database.

Wrote continuing education test creation and administration application integrated with e-commerce. Supported creating and editing of multiple choice questions, scoring, success certificate generation and retention of event (either pending or as certificate reprint) on customer control panel.

Wrote login/identity system with control panel and permission system. Allowed same system to be used for both staff and customers.

Was responsible for server host management.


Historical Appendix

Old jobs included for completeness.

Restorion, 2001-2004

Automatic online backup of personal computer files using the internet.

PHP/mySQL developer, website content and technology manager.

Developed session management with domain substitution and redirection, state management. Wrote client access interface with secure storage of financial information.

Created client signup process supporting creation/management/monitoring of subaccounts (ie, backup accounts for employee computers own/payed for by boss). Software generated customized, secure installer for each sub-account, generated account in backup system.

Wrote content management system for sales site. Supported multiple templates, parameter substitution to allow customized website presentation for known customers or special marketing situations (eg, customer arrives with promo code).

Wrote automatic scheduled billing system for online backup accounts. Allowed daily billing of appropriate accounts instead of waiting until month end. Included Authorize.net integration.

Developed interface between LAMP website and back end Windows server. Required ASP programming to access backend management objects and to construct customized, downloadable installer. Implemented two-way protocol between systems for initialization and management.

Also managed the marketing effort including corporate ID, web appearance and copy writing.

Visual Playthings, 1999 – 2001

PHP/mySQL/Javascript developer, website content and technology manager.

Wrote image catalog and display system. Allowed user definition of categories, display of multiple versions of an image and assignment of images to arbitrary numbers of categories. Wrote display system that allowed client to add descriptive information to categories and to allow external user comments by picture/category.

Wrote e-card client and management systems with control panel and ability to review previous cards.

Conceived and wrote unusual bulletin board system where clients (teenaged girls) were able to choose a (predefined) marketing character to select a bulletin board. Clients were able to ask and answer questions. They were able to visit (and post to) the bulletin board associated with the other marketing characters.

Conceived and wrote a ‘viral’ type game that allowed girls to sign up to win prizes. The website presented the opportunity to send an email invitation to friends asking them to visit a web page (accessed by a coded link) and say, “Hi.” It explained that it was for points in a game. The target web page offered the new girl a chance to join the game and send the email to all her friends. Contestant girls got email whenever a friend visited and were presented with link to a chance to send an e-card thanking the girl

Also wrote a management interface to allow dispensing of gifts and moving of girls into subsequent contest categories. Each week the girl with the highest visit count got a gift and was moved to the monthly game, then quarterly, then annual. This game had a very good effect on traffic and buzz.

Animated front page with javascript racing game.

Wrote DSL provisioning system that modelled the physical process done by staff, ie, receiving order by email, sending email to customer and vendor, receiving acknowledgement of eligibility, notifying customer and sales of eligibility, sending request for pre-installation survey, receiving then distributing schedule, etc.

Instead, staff received order and entered it into the system. Wrote software to generate email and receive responses, parse them and generate new email based on logic. System had flexible interface to add steps and change logic without programming. As vendor technology systems improved, certain of their email messages were filled with XML, later did direct machine communication using http.

Wrote staff management interface. Pre-invented AJAX using Java to do http tunnelling to database to make entry and reports more responsive.

Sonoran Scanners, 1998-1999

Startup company developing a UV direct-to-plate imaging system for the newspaper industry. 

Developer, website content and technology manager.

Designed, implemented and maintained static website.

Krause America, 1996-1998

Manufacturer of digital, direct-to-plate imaging systems for the printing industry. 

PHP/mySQL developer, website content and technology manager.

Designed and implemented semi-static website. Files on the server were all html. Used scripting on personal computer to implement weblog system, ie, edit text in local window, auto-manage insertion of new text into front page file, movement of previous entry into archive page set and upload. That is, wrote and implemented a blog in 1997.

ResourceNet International, 1995-1996

Sales and distribution for Scitex equipment focused on small printing companies. 

Technical Sales Support

Analyzed and planned electronic production systems. Wrote business plans for new production installations.

Scitex America, 1989-1995

Manufacturer of computer equipment for the printing industry specializing in prepress, imaging, and data management systems. 

Manager Sales Support, National Accounts

Product expert for workstation for the packaging industry.  Proposed product improvements, created collateral material to use in sales effort. Delivered talks at professional meetings, analyzed complex networked digital production systems to assess their productivity and efficiency, analyzed economic performance of production systems, directed technical support team for very large customers. Managed implementation projects for large networked production systems.

Visual Playthings, 1989

Freelance database programmer and business consultant. 

Provided software consulting focused on the development of back office systems for ad agencies. Analyzed production systems and assessed needs, specified and documented software, developed a networked data collection and analysis system.

Laser Colour, 1987-1989

Printing industry ‘trade shop’ specializing in color separation. 

President and Owner

Wrote production management and accounting software, specified and operated manual production systems, sold prepress products to large and small businesses.

R.R. Donnelley and Sons, 1978-1987

Largest printing company in America. Worked in the Research and Development group inventing digital imaging technologies. 

R&D Engineer

Developed networked system architecture and programming for an advanced graphic arts image processing production system. Designed and directed the implementation of a networked production control and data management systems. Analyzed technical aspects of potential targets for Donnelley’s acquisition team and recommended their utility to Donnelley.