TQ White II

Senior Programmer

7 0 8 / 7 6 3 - 0 1 0 0



TQ White II is a programmer, analyst and project manager with deep technical experience and a knack for communication. He is known for encouraging less experienced people to excel and for keeping projects on track.


Meteor Framework, New skill, Moderate knowledge

                  http://github.com/tqwhite/sscSecretServer, http://github.com/tqwhite/sscMastermind

Node JS, Two years, Substantial skill

                  http://github.com/tqwhite/lightningPipe, http://github.com/tqwhite/smsTools

Single Page App, Heavy UI, Five Years, Substantial Skill


LAMP/Front-end, Forever, Substantial skill


Commercial Website Implementation, Forever, Substantial skill

                  http://wahMound.com, http://cmerdc.org

Website App Planning and Design, Forever, Substantial Skill


Linux Server Administration, Forever, Substantial skill

                  LAMP, NGINX, SSL, BASH, etc

NodeJS, Npm, Zend, Jquery, Git,  AJAX, JSON, HTML, CSS,  SQL, MVC, ORM

PHP, Javascript, C#, .Net, msSQL, mySQL, sqlLite, crypto, Digital Ocean


And yes, my legal name is TQ White II, pronounced, tee queue.